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Getting to Tokyo?

Besides the incredible amount of information to be found, one of the things I love about the internet is how you can get to websites and find that information in strange ways. Places link to places that link to places that link. And search terms can come up with results you weren't looking for, but are even better than what you were looking for.

Here's what I discovered. Someone found my blog by searching for crazy wild gingerbread house. On Yahoo, I'm the top result for that. Weird. My gingerbread house surely wasn't what they were looking for. So I did a Google search for those terms myself. I ended up finding Japanese movie reviews, one with a gingerbread house in it. Then I saw all of the other reviews of things in Tokyo on the site. Movies, anime, design, toys. And...a link to the Ghibli Museum, which I had never found before.

So if you're looking for a crazy wild gingerbread house, apparently this is the place to look. But if you want to find great Tokyo reviews, check out TokyoQ. Happy hunting!


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